Flemington NJ: Master Bathroom Remodel

The master bathroom in this home featured an alcove with a sink adjacent to a small windowless room featuring a toilet and shower. Removing the wall between the shower and vanity and adding a pocket door to the alcove’s entrance allowed the two rooms to be combined together, which was one of the primary goals of this master bathroom remodel in Flemington.  The formerly open entrance of the bathroom received the pocket door for privacy and to minimize interference with the closet and shower doors in the small space.  Adding a window in the shower made the room inviting and bright.  Removing a large soffit that formerly resided above the shower increased the feeling of openness and space in the room.   The shower received upgrades such as a frameless glass surround, a recessed niche and an angled shower seat in one corner.  Electric radiant heat beneath the tiled floor and soft close doors and drawers on the vanity enhance the luxurious feel of this master bathroom.

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