Our average kitchen remodel lasts between five and six weeks, from the day of demo up to the last final inspection and punch list items.  All materials are pre-ordered to ensure a smooth and constant flow of work.  During the kitchen remodel process, we are working in the home almost every day with the exception of when we are awaiting inspections.  Week one of the kitchen remodel process starts off with demo, rough plumbing and electrical changes and any framing or window/door changes.  The second week typically consists of plumbing, electrical and building inspections.  After all inspections are passed, sheetrocking and spackling commence.  The third week involves painting and flooring installation.  During the fourth week the cabinetry is delivered and installed and the countertop templates are made.  Trim is installed and the electrician returns to finish the job and the painter returns to paint the trim.  During the fifth week the counter tops are installed and the plumber finishes and the backsplash is installed.  The sixth week consists of final inspections and completion of punch list items.