About NKBA Designer Robyn Brinkerhoff

As a child, Home Solutions’ Operations Manager and Designer Robyn Brinkerhoff, AKBD fell in love with the excitement of the construction site on her grandfather’s various Hunterdon County subdivisions.

During college, Robyn worked for her future father-in-law on several Hunterdon County housing developments and still consults on kitchen and bath design for the company’s ongoing new construction. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in 2004, she was hired by Home Solutions, and went on to earn her AKBD certification from the National Kitchen & Bath Association in 2008.

With her combination of construction knowledge and fine arts training she is well equipped to provide her clients with the smooth turn-key remodels that Home Solutions is known for. Robyn feels her clients have a special advantage in that she is not only their designer but their project manager as well. "I know other designers who work at companies where the designer’s sole function is to design and the installation gets carried out by a totally different department. I have heard horror stories where big costly mistakes result from a small miscommunication between the designer and the project manager. My customers get the benefit of having the same person in charge of everything, so at Home Solutions there is never a chance of that happening."
Robyn can be reached at (908) 730-0009 x110