Our Process

A high volume of communication is required between the manufacturer, dealer, designer, installed and homeowner.  Because Home Solutions is a dealer, designer and installer, we are able to eliminate the common miscommunications that occur during bathroom and kitchen remodeling.  The manufacturers and vendors we purchase our materials from are all companies that we do a high volume of business with and have long standing relationships.  Our subcontractors (plumber and electrician) have been with us for over 12 years and the majority of the work done on customers' homes is completed by company employees who have all been with our company for over 10 years. 

Home Solutions handles all aspects of the bathroom and kitchen remodeling process, including the permitting process. The permitting process includes submission of plans and permits and the scheduling of inspections.  The only responsibilities of the homeowner are reimbursement for the cost of the permits and having their home accessible for inspectors on the days when inspections are scheduled.